Are you ready to take your creative business to the next step?

I have found that a lot of my customers are interested in starting their own Furniture Painting Businesses.   Many times, a quick stop at my studio to pick up a pint of paint would lead to a great discussion on how they too can start their own business.  (For total transparency, a few years ago I would not have felt comfortable talking business and sharing my “secret weapons” in fear that I would be creating local competition).  Today, I share everything!!!!  I quickly realized that spreading my love and knowledge of painting was not hurting my business, but was helping both myself and my community.  I now support many local furniture re-finishers and I am proud that they choose to come to me for their paint when there are so many other options out there.

So what changed you might ask….. why did I decide to start spilling the beans?   My MINDSET changed!  I quickly learned that working together with other creatives did not hurt my business but made it sooooo much stronger.  We can bounce ideas off of each other and save each other time by not repeating mistakes.  Have you heard the saying “Rising tides lift all ships”?  It’s true!  Community over competition is my new “secret weapon”.

Now there have been huge Game Changers in my career as a furniture painter.  For me, those Game Changers where knowledge.  I believe in investing in myself so taking courses and learning as much as I can to help grow my business has always been a top priority.

Now that my business is more established I wanted to start increasing my on-line presence.  My huge “Game Changer” was Jennifer Allwood.  Her Creator’s Roadmap Course is exactly what I needed to start making money on-line. This course is perfect for anyone that has a business started and wants to take it to the next step.  She gave me ideas on ways to increase my income that I never even thought of.  I just wanted to binge watch her training and had to remind myself to slow down and start implementing.  If you are ready for your next step, click here. 

I am an affiliate for the Creators Roadmap so if you do decide to take her course and use this link, I will receive a kick-back.  Did you even know that was possible?  If not, take her course and you will learn all about Affiliate Marketing!!!  You can actually make money promoting things you love that you would promote anyways.

So there you have it, my Game changers are not so much what I did, but more WHO I collaborated with and the knowledge I gained.  I collaborate with other creatives in my community and I work with Business Coaches that I believe in.  I am willing to spend my hard earned money taking courses and spend my time learning because I know the reward is soooo much greater at the end.  I have not only been able to increase my income, but have also made life-long friends in the process.

If you took the time to read this, then I hope it has inspired you to take your business to the next level too.

As always,

Happy painting, Denell