Farm Finds Lavender Trail 12 oz Candle Making Kit + DIY White Dough Bowl

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This is the perfect DIY complete kit and home décor bundle all-in-one.  I am providing you with everything you need to create your own Dough bowl candle.  The best part is after you use your candle you can re-use the dough bowl for home décor.  Re-purposing items is something very important to myself and the Farm Finds brand so this is the perfect combination. Thhis set will include the 12 oz Farm Finds Candle making Kit in the scent Lavender Trail.  To learn how to make the candles, you can watch a video tutorial on my Facebook page. Make sure that you space your wicks 3 inches apart.  With the dough bowls, it may work better to use hot glue vs. the wick stickers if you find that they don’t want to stay in place.

Lavender Trail- Imagine walking through an apple orchard and ambling across a patch of wild lavender.  Very smooth mix of apples with light woodsy touch of oak, with a base note of soft wild lavender.

Set includes

  • 12 oz Lavender Fields Candle making kit
  • whited dough bowl
  • 2 extra sets of chop sticks
  • 4 extra wick stickers
  • 4 extra wicks

Please note: due the hand carved nature of the dough bowls, shapes may very from photo. 


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