English Rose, the new breathtaking color in the Penney & Co. Collection for Fusion Mineral Paint

So let’s talk Pink!  English Rose Pink to be exact.  Now I would say I am not your “pink” type of girl.  It was never my favorite color as a little girl and I never wear it as an adult.  So when I heard that Fusion Mineral Paint would be introducing a new color to the line that was a shade of pink, I was not super enthused.

But then, English Rose was presented.  Wow, just wow!

This is truly the most perfect shade of pink I have ever seen in a paint line.  It’s bright yet cool toned all at the same time. It’s the perfect color to add to the collection and is more vibrant than Little Piggy, yet not overwhelming.  It will pair beautifully with greens and I can see this color being used on many of my future projects.  I hope this color steals your heart too!

As always,

Happy Painting-Denell