long hallway

When we first bought our home this was the view down the hallway.  It was long, dark and gave off hotel vibes.  Nothing about it was inviting.  Our master bedroom is off this hallway so it’s unavoidable and I knew I wanted to make some changes.  

track lighting

The former owner had a thing for track lighting because trust me when I say this stuff was everywhere in the house.  Personally, I feel it makes a place feel dated and it just reminds me of a retail setting.  I knew that lighting had to go. We removed the lights and patched/plastered the ceiling. 

wood french doors

A major change to this space was the addition of custom French doors at the end of the hallway. I wanted to be able to “block” off my living quarters from my back room and have the ability to lock it off from the rest of our home. Being able to have privacy when needed for your family, from your pets etc. is a great thing. If you are a crafter or small business owner, you get it. 

Fusion room

When we purchased this home the layout was super weird and it had this gigantic what they called “sewing room”.  That is now my craft/packaging room.  I do believe everything happens for a reason.  This house that no one wanted because of it’s weird layout, awkward quirks is just soooo right for our needs. 

midnight blue hallway

Did you notice that dark, rich navy on the wall? That’s Fusion’s Midnight Blue.  When you have as much wood tones going on in a space as I do, it’s nice to throw in a pop of color.  I also added a hanging pendant light to that area to add some additional lighting. 

midnight blue hallway

Now to give this long hallway some more interest I decided to add some architectural elements.  I love to decorate with found and thrifted items.  I find it fun to fill my home with items that you just don’t see when you walk into someone else’s space.  

corbel shelf

I also added some faux florals to soften the space.  If you are looking for some home décor, you can find some here or at my monthly live sales on my FaceBook page.

old shutter decor

I also added some old world charm by putting up vintage shutters and some corbels in the entry.  Those little touches I think really make the space feel cozy. 

painted hallway

This is what the hallway looks like now with a fresh coat of paint and a long runner to ground the space.  If you have a long, dark hallway that you just don’t know what to do with it, I hope this inspires you.