How To Make New Stuff Look Old

Have you ever bought something and loved it but maybe it was too shiny or just not the right color?  Maybe it would look better if it had some wear or age to it. Well what if I told you that you could make it look authentically old with just a few simple steps?

Supplies Needed

candle pillars

I found these wooden candle pillars at a flea market.  I loved the look but not so much the wood tone.  I wanted them to look even older and more like old, world stone.

clear shallac

So the first thing I did was put on a coat of shellac.  This helped for two reasons.  The shellac acts as a barrier so incase the the stain would “blead” tannins from that cherry finish, it blocks it.  The shellac also, will create the amazing crackled finish you will soon see.  Even if the candle pillars did not have the cherry finish, I would have still put down the shellac because I wanted them to get this crackled look so this step is a MUST for this look.

first coat of paint

I painted one coat of Milk Paint by Fusion in the color Marble.  You can use any milk paint color of your choice for this old-world look.  I just like to stick with a shade of white when going for a stone look.

2nd coat of paint

While the paint was still a little wet, I went ahead and applied a second coat.  The great thing about milk paint is you can quickly build up your coverage.  Then while the paint was still wet after my second coat, I applied heat with my heat tool.

heat tool

Once you start applying heat, you will see the most amazing cracks appear.

crackled paint
crackled paint

So if you have an object that could use a makeover and you wish it looked older, maybe a crackled finish or some old-world charm with milk paint is just what it needs! I hope this post has inspired you.

Happy painting, Denell