Amalfi Coast Fusion Milk Paint



Amalfi Coast Fusion Milk Paint

A bright and beautiful aqua inspired by the glistening waters of the Amalfi Coast, best enjoyed by boat. This punchy shade is confident and full of personality. You can view this color more here.

If you are new to milk paint and would like to learn how to use it, I have a complete start to finish 4 part series on my YouTube channel. 

Mixing Milk Paint

It really is a simple paint to use and mix! Just add equal parts water and powder and stir for a few minutes. The powder will absorb into the water and you will be left with a table cream consistency. It isn’t as thick as regular paint but the coverage is exceptional. For a wash or stain look, add more water 1 part powder to 3 parts water. For textured and crackled effect mix a little thicker than the 1-1.

How to get the Chippy look

Milk Paint is famous for its ‘Chippy’ look, this happens when the paint is applied to a previously painted surface without sanding. It chips off in certain areas creating this time worn authentic look. No other paint on the market can achieve this.

To achieve a chippy look on a prepped or raw wood surface you can just add a little salad bowl wax or Hemp Oil or our Beeswax block to certain areas of your project that you’d like the paint to chip. I actually created a tutorial on my favorite method for creating the Chippy look and how to layer colors.  Watch it here. 

To avoid chipping on your furniture just prep well with TSP and scuff sand the surface, if the surface is shiny add some bonding agent into your first coat of mixed milk paint.

If you have chipping and you like it but want to prevent it from continuing to chip, just coat it with our Polyvine or Stain and Finishing oil to seal it in.

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