Fusion Color Fan Deck


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Welcome to the colorful world of Fusion Mineral Paint™. With over 50 gorgeous shades to choose from, our collection has everything you need to Paint it Beautiful™.

Our new color cards are a true color paint chip! Showing exactly how the color looks when dried.

Our fan decks have descriptions and color pairings on the back of each color for inspiration to let your creativity run wild.

That’s not all!
We have created custom color recipes so you can achieve a range of colors outside of the current FUSION™ offering.

We have two types of recipes that are easy to follow along! (Isn’t that exciting?!)

1. Mix 1 Tester into 1 Pint
2. 50/50 Mix ratio

By following these recipes closely, you will be able to achieve a range of gorgeous new colors to paint it beautiful!

We encourage you to experiment and create your very own unique custom blends.


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