Fusion Mineral Paint Real Paint Stick Samples Collection

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Yay, they are finally here!  I now have real samples of every single color painted out for you in the Fusion Mineral Paint line .  These will be great for you so you can choose the perfect color for your projects, see which colors pair beautifully and use them on your color consults with clients. There are 58 Painted and labeled Paint sticks in the Fusion Mineral Paint Collection.  They are not painted on the back so that you can create your own custom finish for customers if desired. They will also come with a labeled storage box but please note that due to the high number of sticks, the lid does not close.  It is more for keeping them nicely organized.  Also, with any paint line, colors will be discontinued and added throughout the year.  If new colors are released, I will have them available for you as add-ons. 

If you follow my page Painted on Facebook, I will give you guys a heads up as soon as I know more in case there is a color you would like to stock up on that is being retired or a new color is being added.


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