Natural- Stain & Finishing Oil All-in One



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Fusion Natural Stain and Finishing Oil All In One (please note, these are hand-poured so there may be some stain on the rim upon arrival.  It is not used)

Our Stain & Finishing Oil All in One does just as it says! It add color, and adds a sealing oil at the same time! This oil penetrates into the wood leaving no surface layer or film, rather it soaks into the wood. This is great if you have heavy use areas likes floors or table tops as it won’t gauge out like a urethane or varnish.

If you’ve got a piece with stunning wood grain, show it off with our Stain & Finishing Oil.

There is nothing quite like using a natural oil to bring out the true beauty bare wood.  This Oil is so easy to use! Simple prep your surface by removing any pre-existing coating on it so that the bare wood is revealed. Apply as many coats as desired. 1 Coat will be transparent like a stain, 2 coats will be solid like a paint.

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31 fl.oz. (946 mL), 8 fl. oz.(237 mL)