Pineapple Barn Quilt Pattern Book:   Skill level: Intermediate

Fusion Tester Colors used:  Your colors will vary depending on what design you choose. There is an Americana (Rawsilk, Cranberry, Midnight Blue),  A Pinwheel (Park Bench, Buttermilk Cream, Mustard), and a Girl & Boy Design (Casement, Inglenook, Homestead Blue, Buttermilk Cream, Laurentien, Fort York Red, Peony (replaced CURE-IOSITY pink) . (Please note: you can use what ever colors you like to create your own unique pattern). 

Each pattern book offers a step-by-step instruction guide on how to make your own Barn Quilt.  Contents of the pattern book include: Materials list Color key, Color key chart instructions, graphs to make the grid instructions, graphs to make the pattern taping, tips for taping, painting steps instructions with graphs, post painting tips and instruction thick, glossy color pages and pictures.

***Please note: This is for the  “pattern book only” .  If you are only purchasing a pattern book and no paint, you can also receive reduced shipping by choosing pattern book shipping at checkout. 

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