Regal Peacock Decor Moulds


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Regal Peacock Decor Mould -5″x8″, 8mm thickness

Breathe new life into your furniture, walls and more with our Redesign Decor Moulds! Our heat-resistant silicone moulds offer flexibility and endless creativity to create uniquely detailed pieces that will take your decor projects to the next level.  A multi-media mould with the ability to handle paper clay, ceramic clay, resin candy/chocolate and so much more.  Food safe and heat resistant.

Directions for application on furniture: put some corn starch in your mould first. Then apply the modeling material.  After it is filled, level it off.  Then remove from mould and apply to your surface while your modeling material is still damp.  Use a strong adhesive such as E6000 glue.  You can order that here.

Use painters tape to help secure your newly glued piece to your surface.  Once it is completely dry, you can then paint over it and embellish.


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